Learn about your company from the perspective of other people.

“After more than 20 successful years with the BMW Group, I now have a wealth of experience to draw upon.”

Freelance management consultant since 2008.

“Only the best ingredients should be good enough for the success of your business.”

„Only the best ingredients should be good enough for the success of your business.“

Every company is based on a special idea, on experience and the commitment of its employees. A company is only successful when these factors are in perfect harmony. However, success can be optimised too. I would like to offer you the opportunity to use the potential of your company in the manufacturing industry, trade sector or the service sector even more effectively and in an even better manner thanks to expert consulting or by a period spent working as an interim manager.

My goal is to optimise the organisation, costs and processes in your company in such a way that you can increase the efficiency of your business noticeably and fully exploit the existing potential.

This is because only through maximum efficiency and the principle of continuous improvement can you sustainably secure the competitiveness and future viability of your company. You, your company and your employees deserve nothing less than that.

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